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Bluetooth Gaming Controller for Multi Platforms

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Switch controller H510

Inspired by deep understanding and experience on traditional gamepads over years, the all-new Sunwaytek wirelss controller H510 is built to be an elegant third party pro controller standing out with features of linear mechanical keyswitches for ABXY buttons, patented arcade stick like D-pad, magnet sensor analog triggers, and ergonomic grip. Creative design and high quality components keep it away from common pain points like input delay, nondurable buttons, thumbstick shift, dead feedback, uncomfortable holding, etc. Whether play on TV, PC or mobile, wireless or wired, for leisure or competition, it's fully capable to deliver delightful gameplay experience across multi platforms.

Platfrom Compatibility
Nintendo Switch Windows PC Android devices iOS devices Google Stadia
Wireless Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wired Yes Yes No No Yes
mechanical keyswitch on game controller

Linear, Light, Quiet

First in Industry Mechanical Gamepad

Conductive silicon pads are used in almost all traditional game controllers mostly for the reason of low cost, while they have known common defects - easy to wear out, bad bounciness. Isn't an interesting try to utilize machanical keyswitch that has been showing muscle on keyboard? The H510 adopts red keyswitches, the linear feel combined with minimal resistance produces fast response and smooth operation, best for fast-paced genres. Rated lifespan is 50 million keystokes.

mechanical keyswitch on game controller

Right to Play Fightings

Arcade Stick D-pad

For most fighting game fans, gamepad with D-pad is not an option compared to arcade stick, not to metion the rubber dome D-pad on most third party controllers is a disaster. The H510 binds the convenience of gamepad and performance of arcade stick together. The patented designed D-pad on H510 works in the same manner as arcade stick does, easy to register precise and discrete directional inputs at all 8 ways. Combined with machnical switches, the H510 can be a good choice for fighting games.

mechanical keyswitch on game controller

Pressure Sensitive

Magnet Sensor Analog Triggers

Without analog triggers, your joy is discounted in some titles, especially racing simulations. Utilizing linear Hall effect sensor the H510 comes with analog triggers working as Xbox 360/ Xbox One Controller on Windows, Steam and other compatible platforms, while on other platforms they're set to behave like digital buttons. Besides its versatility, it's more durable reason being no hard contact that buttons do.

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Technical Support


Type Version Log Files
User Guide v1.0 First establishment download


If you play on LCD/LED TV, use mode or set with refresh rate no less than 60Hz, important for games like "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" which run at 60FPS. 120Hz can effectively eliminate the lag or frame loss.


  • Nintendo Switch / Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Windows / Steam / Epic
  • Android
  • macOS / iPadOS / tvOS/ iOS 13+
  • Google Stadia
  • Bluetooth
  • Type C USB
Motion Controlincluded
Rumble Dual Vibrator
  • 550mA Rechargable Li-ion Battery
  • working duration: 11-19 hours(game depends)
  • standby duration: > 1 month
  • DC input: 5V 0.28A, full charge in 2 hours