custom google cardboard

VR Cardboard V2

Market Your Brand with Virtual Reality

You wow people on immersive VR experiences, we tailor you quality cardboard.

Inspired by Google Cardboard I/O 2015 edition, and made with WWGC specifications, fully compatible with Works with Google Cardboard ecosystem. Our carboard viewer features excellent performance thanks to our high standard lens and meticulous making.

34mm lerns

34mm Lens

Comply with Google Cardboard I/O 2015 technical specifications, precise focal, minimum distortion, among the best lenses you can source in China.

How We Make

process 1: printing
① Printing
process 2: coating
② Coating
process 3: laminating
③ Laminating
process 4: creasing and cutting
④ Creasing & Cutting
process 5: handwork
⑤ Handwork

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