Syozen Z2

New power to win.

The 2nd generation of mechanical controller, evolved to be more pro.

Syozen Z2 Controller
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Play like a pro.

4 extra user-defined buttons lead a comfortable way to natural claw grip, as professional players do.

syozen z2 claw grip

More mechanical.

Up to 4 Keyswitches and 6 micro switches adopted to deliver crisp and speed input.

syozen z2 mechanical buttons

More efficient.

3 auxiliary buttons (turbo, keymap and motion assist) give you a boost to score up.

syozen z2 auxiliary buttons


Quicker shooting or precise control? Shift between short and full travel in different games.


Triple protection against abrasion, keep thumb sticks away from the dust caused by grinding.

Better D-pad.

Re-engineered for continuous and precise 8-way directional control. Choice for retro and fighting games.


Always stay on target with ergonomic design and textured grip, no pressure for long term gameplay.


Technical Support


  • Adjusted the trigger position in the short travel mode of RT/LT.
  • Changed the repeat setting of macro.
  • Added auto activation of keymaping and macro when power on.

  • Enhanced polling rate.
  • Improved joystick performance.
  • Improved motion control performance.
  • Fixed macro recording issue.
  • Added touch control mode for Android.

  • Upgrade in the app "Keylinker" (available on app markets).
  • Upgrade manually by the following steps:
Firmware Update Step 1

1. Download and unzip the firmware, run the .exe file.

Firmware Update Step 2

2. Press down and hold the left thumb stick.

Firmware Update Step 3

3. Connect to Windows PC using USB cable.

Firmware Update Step 4

4. Click the button to update.


Not yet, it doesn't have NFC function.


Not yet.


Size156x103x69 mm / 61.5x40.5x27 inch
Weight218g / 7oz
ColorBlack (more colors coming)
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows / Steam / Epic
  • Android / Chrome OS / Linux / Raspberry Pi
  • macOS / iPadOS / tvOS / iOS 13+
  • Cloud gaming platforms
  • Bluetooth
  • Wired via USB-C
Motion Controlincluded
Rumble Dual Vibrator
  • 1,000mA Rechargable Li-ion Battery
  • Working duration: up to 40 hours per charge.
  • DC input: 5V 0.5A, full charge in 2 hours